My Web Application This is version X.X of an application to perform a wild and wonderful task, based on servlets and JSP pages. It was written by Dave Developer (, who should be contacted for more information. webmaster The EMAIL address of the administrator to whom questions and comments about this application should be addressed. controller This servlet plays the "controller" role in the MVC architecture used in this application. It is generally mapped to the ".do" filename extension with a servlet-mapping element, and all form submits in the app will be submitted to a request URI like "", which will therefore be mapped to this servlet. The initialization parameter names for this servlet are the "servlet path" that will be received by this servlet (after the filename extension is removed). The corresponding value is the name of the action class that will be used to process this request. com.mycompany.mypackage.ControllerServlet listOrders com.mycompany.myactions.ListOrdersAction saveCustomer com.mycompany.myactions.SaveCustomerAction 5 graph This servlet produces GIF images that are dynamically generated graphs, based on the input parameters included on the request. It is generally mapped to a specific request URI like "/graph". controller *.do graph /graph 30